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Web Design

Wixed Web & SEO specialize in making websites work

Ensuring your design delivers on search

Website services truly serve your customers

Empowering you to take control

Websites aren't actually tricky when you know how, but like most things the devil is in the detail. As  a Sales and Marketing specialist for over 20 years I have consulted on projects across digital and traditional channels. My love of Digital has shone through and like most business had a humble beginning "you know web stuff, can you help me". Then the classic "my friend had a website can you help them". I love making websites work. Typically this isn't a complex process but relies on knowing what, how and what to change.


We believe in getting the basics right, building sites with a solid foundation, reviewing site usability, checking website services to make the customer experience as clean as possible, improving site functionality and content so google improves your search ranking, giving practical suggestions to ensure you don't stand still but above all "Making your Website work"

Wixed is an independent small business, dedicated to making results happen. As a small business we provide flexibility, agility, honestly and a friendly approach.

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